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September 24, 2008 by Soo

My top ten all-time best book is “The Rabbi’s cat” by Joann Sfar. The story is beautiful, sublime, evolved – the character of the cat so well-developed that the reader completely forgets he is a cat. And the humour is so elegantly woven into the script. This is the best book I have read in 2008. Read an excerpt here.

The second book in this list would be The Donjon series by Lewis Trondheim. The series is wild and funny, centered around a duck who runs a dungeon which is really an amusement park.

The next series I love, is Monsieur Jean by Depuy and Berberian. Just simple stories of Monsieur Jean going about his daily life, watched over by his evil landlady and streams of girlfriends; but so lovable. Depuy and Berberian also wrote the Henrietta series, which I am quite fond of, as well. This is a rare interview with them in English.



(images from duber.net & lambiek.com)

Raymond Briggs is poignant, funny and original, and another favorite author of mine, with his books The Snowman, Ethel and Ernest, When the wind blows, and Father Christmas. Most of his stories are (auto)biographical in nature. From Magicpencil:

His characterisation of his Father Christmas is based on his father, a milkman – ‘I knew something about the working conditions of people who have to deliver things, and I could imagine what a hell of a job that was – freezing, cold, lonely, unsociable hours – enough to make anyone a bit grumpy’. His parents also influenced the character of Jim and Hilda, the victims of nuclear fallout in When The Wind Blows.

Read another interview here.

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4 thoughts on “Favorite books

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  2. Prashant says:

    arre sahi !!!!

    i am not much of a reader.. but will try to read some from this list !!!

  3. Soo says:

    prashant > yes, you will enjoy them, since they are comics and the drawings are great and the stories are funny!

  4. where to find these books ? in your shelf ??

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