Persepolis on screen


January 4, 2008 by Soo

One of my favorite books of all time is Persepolis, a graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi. The book, about Marjane’s childhood in Iran, is illustrated in simple black and white line drawings (see here) that really bring out the innocence of a child’s persepective. I think it was the first graphic novel that I ever read, in 2004, and it was a real eyeopener – I had no idea that such simple drawings could tell such a wonderful story; and in fact, they really bring out the ethos of the book.

Anyway, Persepolis is finally on celluloid! And from what I see of the trailer, I think the essence of the book has been captured really well.


One thought on “Persepolis on screen

  1. Vindhya says:

    Hi, I came across your blopg via the ‘masala chai’ blog. I saw Persepolis last month here in Singapore and loved it! Haven’t read the graphic novels though but I’m sure they are awesome judging from the fact that the movie is based on them and the style has not been compromised. I work as a Copywriter/Graphic Designer here in Singapore.

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