A Configurable T shirt!

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June 19, 2007 by Soo

A T shirt design that lets the user easily customize it to his design! Here’s the designer’s story –

“I was asked to design a t-shirt for my country.

This presented me with two problems because, first, I am not a good designer and, second, I don’t have a country to support.

So I decided to design a t-shirt that encourages the wearers of the t-shirt to design what goes on the t-shirt and also allows them to decide which country to support (or perhaps not to support). This is an approach that I have always been interested in: how to design systems that are open enough to allow for other people’s designs yet specific enough to provide an intriguing starting point (it’s always difficult to design on a completely blank canvas).

So the point of this t-shirt is that YOU, the wearer, have to design it before you wear it. You can draw directly on to the pixel array to create your own designs…”

Read more about it here.

Via Lifeclever.



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