January 9, 2007 by Soo

From 37signals, this really great web-based application called Writeboard.

First of all, sign up was really simple. You just create your writeboard name, enter your email address and a password, and you’re done!

writeboard 1

So simple. And the text is so friendly. It doesn’t look crowded & it doesn’t intimidate.

This is what the interface is like.

writeboard 2

It’s really easy to add thoughts, and you can invite other people to share theirs as well.You can export it as a text file or a html file, you can compare between versions as well.

Great stuff! An easy to use wiki!


7 thoughts on “Writeboard

  1. jedi says:

    why would i want to use it?

  2. Soo says:

    if you were working with someone and you guys were writing code together. I thought you could use it like a wiki and then take a dump of your content.

  3. jedi says:

    i sense evil in wikis

  4. Soo says:

    jedi> Why? Aren’t they supremely useful?

  5. Muthu Online says:

    Shouldn’t the e-mail id field be repeated twice?

  6. Soo says:

    why do you think so?

  7. R Muthukumar says:

    Nothing fancy, its just a best practice to ask Users to enter their e-mail id twice to prevent errors.

    Walk through this flow.

    1. During registration, user makes a mistake while entering her e-mail id
    2. User creates a Write board called “xyz”

    Incidentally, a funny url gets generated ( http://writeboard.com/0252a6261b82a25b2)
    Its easier to remember something like http://writeboard.com/xyz

    3. User logsout
    4. User forgets the url and/or her password
    5 User clicks on “Looking for a writeboard you already created?”
    6. User goes to http://123.writeboard.com/find
    7. User enters correct e-mail id
    8. User is unable to retrieve the url.

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