Best of 2006 in mobile

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January 8, 2007 by Soo

Undoubtedly my favorites this year were Shozu, Vox on mobile, Opera mini 3, GMail for mobile and Screenshots. These are the apps that definitely made my life better in 2006!

Shozu has been around for a while; what more can I say about it?

Vox was a pleasant surprise; simple to use and with access key functionalities, it is really easy to use! You can post to your blog from your phone; you can change settings, you can post photos; and you can do all of this and more on the website.

Opera Mini 3 was a great discovery. They have really made it simpler to use, and the user experience is great – they customize a website for a phone browser very effectively, long rows of links are put under a compact link; the feed-reader (Bloglines) is fantastic; even my inktales blog renders beautifully on it.

GMail for mobile is my latest favorite to use. It’s a Java application that you can download and install on your phone. There are keyboard shortcuts, pages are rendered to give nearly the same experience if not better than a desktop. You can be automatically signed in if you choose; so you don’t have to painfully enter your user-name & password every time. It helps me keep in touch on the go! Truly mobile 🙂

Screenshots – what a life saver this one is! I only wish I could afford to buy it – my 15 day trial period is over a long time back! Simple and really useful if you work in the mobile domain.

So let’s hope in 2007 we have some more killer apps like these! And I hope I can design some like them!


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